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Planning & Zoning

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is established by Township Board Resolution. Members must be qualified electors of the township (property ownership requirement ruled unconstitutional by the Attorney General for the State of Michigan). Members shall be representative of major interests as they exist in the township, such as agriculture, recreation, education, public health, government, commerce, transportation, and industry. The Planning Commission has the authority to make and adopt a basic plan as a guide for the development of the unincorporated portions of the township. It shall approve/deny construction, location and character of streets, squares, parks or other public ways, grounds or open space, or public buildings or structures.

Planning Commission Members

Representative Position Term Expires
Dave Vandlen Member 12/31/2024
Brad Messenger Member 12/31/2022
Jack Pooler Member 12/31/2023
Jon Barlett Chair 11/20/2022
Ken Hendrickson Member 12/31/2024
Larry Skelding Board Representative 11/20/2024
Judy Robinson Member 12/31/2024


Zoning Board of Appeals

Zoning Administrative Policies, Zoning Requirements & Permit Fee

Township boards are required to appoint a zoning board of appeals (ZBA) to act on all questions that arise in administering the zoning ordinance, including reviewing decisions made by the official or body charged with enforcing the ordinance.The ZBA must include a planning commission member. The remaining members must be township residents who are registered voters and who reside outside of incorporated cities and villages, and represent the population distribution and various interests present in the township. One member may be a member of township board, but an elected township official cannot serve as chairperson of the ZBA. Employees or contractors of the township board may not serve on the ZBA.

Zoning Board of Appeals Members

Representative Position Term Expires
Willie Lockwood Member 12/31/2023
Maryann Herbstreith Chairperson 12/31/2022
Cathy Skelding Member 12/31/2023
Perry Beard Township Board Representative 12/31/2021
Judy Mackinder ZBA Alternate 12/31/2022
Lindsay Draime Appeals Board Alernate 12/31/2020
Jack Pooler Planning Rep 12/31/2020



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